Certificate expiry timeout

Hey everyone,
I’ve make the change for a new router this week and noticed that my certificate expiry integration was unavailable since.
I am currently able to access my home assistant externally with the help of DuckDNS and NginX.
On the new router I’ve set the same port forwarding rule that I had on the old one:
Internal port 443
External port 443
Internal ip is my hassio ip
Protocol TCP

Since the integration was always unavailble, I tried to delete it and install it back.
Host is mydomain.duckdns.org
Port is 443
But I always get this error: Timeout when connecting to this host

Any of you know what I am forgetting or doing wrong?
Thank you

Sounds like your new router either doesn’t support NAT Reflection (aka Loopback NAT and a few other things), or it isn’t turned on.