Cgroupsv1 no longer supported by systemd

currently you still have to enable cgroupsv1 for supervisor

Systemd cgroupsv1 has been deprecated and you need to forcefully enable it since systemd v256-rc3 by setting the kernel cmdline SYSTEMD_CGROUP_ENABLE_LEGACY_FORCE=1.
This enables cgroupsv1 for now, but will delay the boot process for 30 seconds (see here for an upstream discussion)

The required systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=false kernel command line alone therefore no longer is enough, and the host os will not even boot without SYSTEMD_CGROUP_ENABLE_LEGACY_FORCE=1 being set additionally.

~Are there any active plans to switch to cgroupsv2 for supervisor?~


the current (24.07) state can be found here:

I used this open github issue before to report the issue, but it just got closed with OP issue was a different one.

supervised-installer upstream issue:

an ancient issue reported in the wrong place

(no reference to a new one)

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