Challenging Question: how to use the speaker used as value?

I have 4 different googles (nest).
I’ve created a script, which tells me some sensors state.
The way i’ve implemented it, is by calling a tts service with a specific message.

I then went ahead and connected it to a routine on google home app so whenever i ask google “what’s the X state”, it tells me the state.

The problem is that the tts services needs to know which entity to connect to it.
So i had to literally select one of my 4 speakers. suppose i’ve selected speaker #2,
Now i might ask speaker #1 “what’s the X state”, but the answer i will get will be by speaker #2 (as this is the speaker that i’ve defined in my script).

So my question is, how can i keep the speaker dynamic, so when i ask speaker #1 the question - the answer will be answered by speaker #1 and not #2? how can i “grab” the input speaker?
*I have 4 speakers