Chamberlain/Liftmaster :: LM60EV and Shelly Plus1

Hi there,

Is anyone here using a Shelly Plus1 with a Chamberlain/Liftmaster LM60EV? This comes with a powered 24v DC accessory port, along with taking a dry contact signal on terminals 1 and 2 for garage control. I have this hooked up, the module is advertising a bluetooth connection for setup, but it will not complete the Shelly app setup flow (to join it to the WiFi). There are more than 60 other shelly modules around the home, and there is a WiFi AP in the same room.

My suspicion is power on the accessory port. I have disabled the power saving mode of the LM60, which should deliver a steady 24v all the time. But I’m away from the install at the moment, so trying to see if I have missed something.