Change Action Setting from a script

Hi All

I have an automation that I use to force discharge my battery to the grid when the Export tariff is at it’s best. Depending on the weather forecast tomorrow, I would like to amend some settings on the inverter and action settings in three triggered Automations…

What I’ve Done So Far
I’d have created a dashboard with buttons that change the settings on the Inverter by the use of scripts. I have created three simple scripts that configure my inverter for Full Sun, Partial Sun, and No Sun. These all work fine.

What I would now like to do is have these same scripts change the settings in the trigger automations. e.g The trigger for one of my automations is when the Battery State of Charge is at a specific %, I would like to amend this % from a script. Is this possible?

Please automation trigger below:

Instead of using a static number as the target for below, you will need to set up an Input number helper to act as the target. You can then change the value of the helper from scripts.

Thanks, I’ll try that today👍

Thanks for your help all working great now.