Change add-on base for SSH add-on from Alpine to Debian

I’m wondering whether it would be possible to change the base container image for the SSH add-on from Alpine to Debian. I ask this because I have successfully set up a remote SSH connection from a local VSCode instance to the SSH add-on, which works nearly perfectly, except that Alpine is not fully supported by the VSCode Remote - SSH extension due to limitations with the packaged musl / gcc libraries.

I note that the VSCode Remote add-on is built on a Debian base, so doesn’t suffer from this issue, but the add-on has been archived, which I assume means I cannot rely on its ongoing support.

More detail about the Alpine limitation available here.

I’ve also been looking for this. The SSH addon is built using on the base image, based on alpine. (And there is indeed another base-debian)

You can also try this hack to add the missing packages needed by vscode ssh remote extension