Change alarm value Fibaro flood sensor (burgular alarm)

Can someone help me how to turn off the tamper / burglar alarm in the Fibaro Flood Sensor
According to the manual the value must be set to 0.
Available settings:
0 – tamper alarms inactive
1 – button tamper alarm active
2 – movement tamper alarm active
3 – button and movement tampers alarm active

So I assume I have to set “value_instance:” to 0.
Is this possible via the HA Gui?

Currunt settings
node_id: 8
value_index: 10
value_instance: 1
value_id: 72057594178191521
friendly_name: FIBARO System FGFS101 Zwave+ Flood Sensor Burglar

you have to go to the left side menu then configuration->z-wave->select the node->select node config options-> enter the new value and then save it.

the device has to be awake before it will accept the config change so you will have to look at the device doc to see how that is done.

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Thanks, finite but after checking the manual again l’m doubting. I have to chance parameter 74 from 2 to 0. But I do not see parameter 74 in the hass identities (see above current settings).

How can I change a fibaro.parameter value?

no idea, honestly. I don’t have any fibaro equipment.

Did you go to the z wave control panel like I described above and look for tht parameter in the drop down box for that node?

I figured it out, it is possible via the gui zwave node management.

Thanks for your reaction finity.

yes, that’s exactly the place I pointed you towards a few posts up.

Glad you found it.