Change ALEXA's language from Home assistant


I have an Echo Dot which is successfully configured to speak/understand English/Spanish languages.

When HA sends Alexa a notification in English, everything works fine. But, when the notification is in Spanish, then Alexa simply reads the Spanish sentence with an English accent.

QUESTION: Is there any parameter, in the YAML syntax of my message or in the configuration of the service, which would allow to choose the language of each voice notification?

I toggle a language input_boolean (between English and Spanish). Instead of having to modify all the automations, each time I receive new guests at home, I would like to just toggle the language and Alexa would read the appropriate sentence.

Thank you!


Saludos Marc

Did you ever figure this out?

I have the same problem. Even if i use

Language: Es-mx

It always reads the notifications in english.

No. And I think there is no way to do it for the moment :neutral_face: