Change Auto Lock status on Schlage BE469 locks?

I have a Schlage BE469 lock connected via a 1st gen Wink hub. So far, everything’s working great, but I would like to automatically change the Auto Lock setting at certain times. I’m able to toggle this setting in the Wink app and in that app it appears in the same section as various other settings I am able to control through Home Assistant (Alarm Mode, Alarm Sensitivity, etc.). I was surprised to not see the the setting in HA, either under the Wink services or those related to the lock itself.

For what it’s worth, I’m trying to disable Auto Lock when I first get home so I can leave the door unlocked for 5 minutes or so (Auto Lock timeout is 30 seconds). That way I have time to unload kids, groceries, etc. I don’t want to disable the feature altogether because I do enjoy the added security. I considered using HA automations to allow a more dynamic timeout scheme, but I’m worried a network hiccup or HA error might result in my lock being open all day.

you can do this in HA but you need your device directly connected to it, cant be done via wink.

Alternatively you can create your own auto lock rules and have it work well too. I have the same lock and 30 seconds is just insane and the fact that you can’t pair it to a contact sensor is crazy too. Does you no good to autolock if the door aint shut properly lol. I am using a 3 minute timer and auto locking my own door when the door has been shut for 3 minutes and unlocked.

By “directly connected” you mean via a Z-stick, right? I was hoping to avoid buying anything new since I already bought the Wink hub (prior to learning anything about Home Assistant). But if it offers more features and direct connection to my devices, it’s probably worth it…

In the meantime, I guess I’ll reconsider using HA as my Auto Lock to see how that goes. Makes me just a bit uneasy, though, since I do see network and communication-related errors popping up in the log from time to time.

You get so much more functionality using a USB stick its crazy. It will open up your eyes to what is possible.

What network and communication issues do you see? those are common amongst cloud services but zwave is entirely local.

Here’s an automation I use to re-lock my Schlage lock. I use the sensor on my alarm system to confirm the door is closed.

Wow, I’m really happy I asked this! You and @dshokouhi have been very helpful. Sounds like getting the Z-stick and using HA to re-lock is the way to go.

Regarding log errors, I tend to get a lot of intermittent warnings that device updates are taking longer than expected (usually media players and Ecobee). I also see “Timer got out of sync. Resetting” and the occasional “Fatal read error on socket transport”. While these are mostly related to other devices/services, it still make me worry about reliability since locking the door is a pretty critical task. @dshokouhi raised a good point, though: Z-wave is a local connection and not susceptible to network issues.

@little-boots even though you see those errors do your commands automations work? I get some errors here and there as well but zwave has been rock solid for me. Anything that is locally controlled works very well.

@ih8gates nice take on a similar automation I have :slight_smile: the only difference is that I cancel the timer when the door is open as well. I want the timer to reset itself, I found that to work good when you are making back and forth trips to the car lol.

Nearly everything works flawlessly except things related to MQTT. My devices don’t show up on the map and automations triggered by Zones tend to be pretty iffy. That setup has a lot of moving parts though, so I’m not surprised I’m still seeing some issues. As far as I can tell, the other devices work normally but their connection to my server just isn’t 100%. Ecobee throws a lot of connection errors, but I haven’t built automations around it yet, so it hasn’t posed a problem for me. Basically, you’re right: things that rely on internet have hiccups, local services are fairly stable.