Change background color of card depending of entity state

Does the ability to dynamically change background color of card depending of entity state?

I want to highlight several cards in critical states of linked entities.

You can change the background with card-modder. Create the same card twice with different colors and switch between them with the state-switch.

And then say thanks to @thomasloven :wink:

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Actually, It can be done without state-switch by using templates:

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Thanks for the help. Everything worked out.

But for some reason the card-modder does not see the card custom:vertical-stack-in-card. Instead of modifying it, it modifies the first card that included in it.

  - type: custom:card-modder
      background: "[[ sensor.nas_pool_pool1_health.attributes.card_bg_color ]]"
      type: custom:vertical-stack-in-card
        - type: entities
          title: "NAS сервер"
          show_header_toggle: false