Change color of a cover entity based on state --SOLVED--


Relatively new to HA but I can figure things out if you guys can point me in the right direction.

I have a MYQ enabled garage door opener that I’ve integrated with HA. I’d like the icon for the garage door to turn yellow when the state is OPEN. Any ideas on how to do this? It does it automatically for my other binary sensors like Front Entry, etc.

Here is my configuration.yaml snippet for the Garage Door

#### MYQ ####
  - platform: myq
    username: !secret myq_username
    password: !secret myq_password
    type: chamberlain

And here is the configuration for the lovelace card screenshot I attached above

  - entity: binary_sensor.front_entry
  - entity: binary_sensor.garage_entry
  - entity: binary_sensor.patio_entry
  - entity: binary_sensor.bedroom_closet
  - entity: binary_sensor.kitchen_laundry_den
  - entity: binary_sensor.ring_front_door_motion
  - entity: binary_sensor.ring_front_door_ding
  - entity: cover.garage_door
show_header_toggle: false
type: entities

Thank you!

Ignore above. Just discovered
Will have to change my layout around a bit but that works!