Change dashboard background image

I am trying to change the background of my dashboard. Not sure why such a simple task is so difficult. I read all threads but nothing seems to be working.

  1. I don’t have any themes. This is the default home assistant theme
  2. I uploaded the image to the correct path (www/pictures/bc.jpg)
  3. I clicked edit on my dashboard and just added:
  - title: Home
    background-image: center / cover no-repeat fixed url("/local/pictures/bc.jpg")
  1. I tried to clear browser cache, restart HA… it completely ignores it. No errors in the console, no errors in the logs…

It’s just background: not background-image:

  - title: Home
    background: center / cover no-repeat fixed url("/local/pictures/bc.jpg")

Didn’t work for me. At the end I ended up creating my own theme and then it worked. I didn’t find a way to set a default background image without creating a new theme.