Change Dashboard ID


I had created a dashboard some time ago to test a few things and at that time called it test something and it got an id with “test_…”. As it happens I played with it and at the time it was growing so I decided to just keep expanding it and now using it productively.

What is really annoying that it always comes up with this stupid test ID and I have not found a way to change that ID. Is that possible and if yes how?


Create a new dashboard with the name and path you want. Then copy everything over to it.

Ok yes that works I guess. So I can just go into raw yaml config and copy and paste all of it? Or is there some manual rework necessary? Thanks

The path is in there. Change that or you will get the same issue.

But, yeah, raw is the best way I think.

Although, thinking on it, you might be able to change the path in the raw of your current one.

Not in a place to test right now.