Change Date Format & Name Addition

Good evening community! I have setup lovelace template card. The goal is to display a card showing our water usage for the day. I would like the title of the card to be the date, which is fine – but it’s in the format YYYY-MM-DD. would like it to be MM-DD. I really don’t even need the year on there. Any ideas?

Further, how would I add a prefix before the title of the card? “Today is {insert-date}” or something similar?

edit: I should have said, this works as is – just not in the right format.

edit #2: I figured out the changing the date. However, now I want to kinda shorten the results of the following and not display “Saturday” and instead just “Sat January 22nd”.

  - sensor:
      name: "Date and time"
      state: "{{ as_timestamp(states('sensor.date_time_iso')) | timestamp_custom('%A %B %-d') }}"
      icon: "mdi:calendar-clock"