Change device class for "Combine States" helper from the UI

I’d like it if we could change the device class for “Combine States” helpers from the UI.

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My “combine the state of several sensors” helpers are not displaying on the same graph as the sensors it’s combining.

Can I change this so they’re on the same graph?



(not showing all sensors here but I checked and they will all display on the same graph)

You need to assign the device class temperature to the “Combine…” helper entity.

I don’t see where to do this, at least not within the UI (which is where I created the helper).

It has to be done via manual customization in your YAML configuration.

How unfortunate. Thanks for pointing this out.

Use Group sensor instead and it will do it for you if all the source entities have the same device class and/or state class.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention! :blush: