Change device type to Homekit

Is it possible to change how devices are exposed to HomeKit? I have a bunch of Insteon switches that are hooked up to either lights or exhausts in bathrooms and such. On Homebridge, I can specify that the switch should show up as a light or a fan depending on what it’s controlling. However, on Home Assistant, I can select the devices I want, but they all get exposed as lights, even though some are switches that control bathroom exhausts and should be fans. Does this need to be done at the Insteon level? All the switches are in the light domain.


I have a similar question. I’d like to have a door lock sensor show up in HomeKit as a lock.

I am still quite new to the HA but you can configure the device type for switches. I just read a post where someone wrote that it only works for switches but that’s what you want to do. Here is an example of my configuration of a 4ch Sonoff. Normally it would appear in homekit as 4 switches but now it shows up as sprinklers:

  - filter:
        - switch.sonoff_4ch_pro1
        - switch.sonoff_4ch_pro2
        - switch.sonoff_4ch_pro3
        - switch.sonoff_4ch_pro4
        type: sprinkler
        type: sprinkler
        type: sprinkler
        type: sprinkler

To make the sensor appear as a lock, you might have a look into template covers @blando but I am not sure it it will work.

Thanks @krkr! Turns out the lock template was the answer. One of the moderators, had come up with the following: Make Binary Sensor Appear as Lock? - #9 by petro

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