Change domain from light.device to switch.device (the other way around than the other posts)


I am using a “signal” repeater, which is basically a usb power supply, from IKEA (Tradfri). I have this repeater set up through Phoscon deCONZ on home assistant. It is in turn shown as an entity in the “light” domain.

I would like to use it with voice in Google Assistant, but not as a light, as I use the “turn off all lights” command quite often. I know you can set a “switch” to the “light” domain, as in this example:


  • platform: switch
    name: Christmas Tree Lights
    entity_id: switch.christmas_tree_lights

I would like to do the reverse, where I put this “light” in the “switch” domain. I have not been able to find anything and all the commands I found to be logical didn’t work. I was wondering if anyone had tried it before.

Thanks for the help!

Using this method seems to create a new ‘virtual’ device in the switch domain while still leaving the original device intact. That doesn’t solve my problem. I need to ‘kill’ the original device because its presence as a light causes problems. And when killing the original device, the template fails.

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Tried hiding the device?

Hiding the device doesn’t do the trick. I’ve tried that. It still gets carried across to Google Home via the Google Assistant integration.

Add the switch template entity to make the “switch” as above.
You can leave the original light entity alone.
To prevent getting it in Google Assistant you can exclude exposing it from Google Assistant.

Put this in your configuration.yaml file under the google_assistant: heading

#other google_assistant stuff here
      expose: false

Set it as a hidden entity, hidden entities don’t show up in domains.

Do the template, and then change the light entity to hidden. Just like the switch helper does.

Thank you for this info. I will try this and report back.