Change Dynamic Icon on Garage Door Cover - Does this Require a Sensor Template?

I have two OpenGarage units for two different garage covers (different sizes), so I’d like to use the mdi:garage-variant icon for the larger garage cover. The problem is that changing this icon through the UI results in it changing color when the cover state changes to open, but the visual is still closed instead of adjusting to mdi:garage-open-variant.

I’ve searched a bit and have found older posts like this one that are similar use template binary sensors, but it seems like this duplicates the sensor and I just want to modify the existing cover entity that I have.

Is there a better way to accomplish what I’m looking to do?

Nope. If you want that you either make a template to display the icon or use a different way to represent the device like custom:button-card or one of the Mushroom template cards that let you use a template in the card itself.

You might want to vote for these:

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In the meantime, I’ve tried so many options from the various threads I have found to template to change the icon, but have been completely unsuccessful. I’m using a templates.yaml file for this part and have tried constructing it as both a sensor and binary sensor, with multiple combinations on each, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

If I have a cover sensor (e.g. cover.right_garage) that I want to use “mdi:garage-variant” for closed" and “mdi:garage-open-variant” for “open” - what’s the best way to accomplish this today?