Change Entity ID across the system

I would like to clean up my entity IDs - as some are very random, and others are outright wrong (as I set them manually early on, but the devices have been moved - I’m trying to avoid that sort of ID now).

The issue is that when I change it, I don’t always remember where else it’s been used. The related device can show where it’s been directly used in automations and such, but quite a lot of mine are variables in button handlers and things like that.

Ideally, there would be a way to simply change it all at once: Change the ID, it then asks if you want to update that across the platform, and you say yes or no.

I imagine that could be quite big, and potentially get false positives and things, but what I hope would be a simpler method would be a global search for an ID. I’m not exactly sure what it should look like, though - open to ideas there!

There’s a pretty strong feeling that the developers should never alter a user’s YAML files. The YAML can be imported into new UI supported integrations but even then it is left up to the user to delete the YAML.

If you use an editor like VSCode it is a simple matter to update entity names across all your files using “find and replace”.

Also, closing this as a duplicate. Please search before creating new FRs.

You can vote and comment here: Refactoring for entity id (in comparison to renaming)