Change Entity State without executing entity action?

Hey all, me again! I’m wondering if its possible to do the above.

here is my use case; I have a bunch of RF curtains throughout the whole house they are just cheap DIY brand ones from my local hardware store.

I’ve created a bunch of covers and broadcast the open and close commands with a broad link and this is working perfectly.


The remotes also have a ‘all’ channel which can control the 5 curtains at the same time with one command, so I’ve got this ill simplify for example.

Remote 1 - all (open/close/stop)
Remote 1 - kitchen(open/close/stop)
Remote 1 - dining (open/close/stop)

Remote 2 - all (open/close/stop)
Remote 2 - lounge left (open/close/stop)
Remote 3 - lounge right (open/close/stop)

Currently I have an automation that says at sunset broadcast 1 by 1 the close signal for kitchen, dining, lounge left, lounge right, (and 12 others) and they each come down out of sync one by one.

What I’m wondering is… is it possible to set it up so when I close Remote 1 - all that I can have kitchen and dining automatically set themselves to “closed” without sending re-broadcasting the close signal one by one?

if I control remote-1 all, all covers linked to that remote change to the state remote-1 all is set as, but if I control a cover individually it follows its own state?

This thread seems promising for your use case:

It involves using a python script to “manually” change the state of an entity.

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Thanks I’ll take a look :slight_smile: