Change frequency of update / status polling?

I am working on integration egardia alarms in HA. The alarm reports its status (armed, disarmed, triggered, …) through a reporting server. I have set up such a server and have integrated it into my HA component. However, the component’s status is only polled from HA every one in a while (once every couple of minutes it seems). Is there a way to change the frequency of polling to instruct HA to ask for more frequent status updates? In an alarm scenario every second counts.

Or do I need to solve this by inverting this and making my server on receiving the triggered status from the alarm push an notification to HA? If so, how can I push something into HA from a component that is running outside of HA (separate server)…?

With scan_interval there is a way available to force an update. Thus this requires to be supported by the implementation in Home Assistant.

For an alarm system it might be a better option to push changes to Home Assistant.You could use eg. the REST API, HTTP, or MQTT to push changes to Home Assistant. There are component like Z-Wave and MySensors which do it through the module they use to interact with.

thanks. I will explore the REST api option next.