Change from Fahrenheit to Celcius Tuya Device

Hello, I integrated my air conditions from TCL via Tuya but the temperature will shown in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius. I don‘t find a way to change it neither in Home Assistant nor on Tuya Website. Can you support and give me a tip?

Does the sensor show Fahrenheit, or is it actually Celsius, but the Measurement unit which are wrong ?
Could you open /Developer-Tools# States, and find the sensor.temperature ( Or what its called )
Take a screenshot ( of that only, not your whole screen ) :slightly_smiling_face: … and post it here

Or You could also just click on the sensor in the UI / Dashboard , then click on the cogwheel ( Up right corner) , there you see ( Unit of measurement ) … Change it to Celsius … should be that simple, but might not be , in your case