Change HAOS font size

I’ve got HAOS up and running but it’s extremely hard to use as the font size is so small. Is there a way to change this?


Tell us more about the display, you are viewing it at?

HAOS is running on my Surface Pro tablet. I don’t know how to check the screen resolution.

Easiest way would be zoom in your browser to, let’s say, 120 - 130%.

I use the same to zoom out to 80%, because on my screen it is so big :wink:

Except I’m not using a browser. I’m at the server using the command line.

It helps giving as many as possible info in the opening post… :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe this could help some: Redirecting

Sorry, I don’t know how to phrase the question. I’m not using a browser and HAOS is not windows.

HAOS is not running in a VM or docker or anything else. It’s installed directly on my tablet. I don’t know how to make it clearer…

I used this guide to install HAOS:

Ok, ok, you see, there are so many possibilities, we need to get informed :wink:

Well, that one I’m not an expert with.
Found something relevant, but not sure, if it will work. I don’t know, if HAOS gives you the rights to change things.
Well, just try, worst case scenario it will deny doing it.

I think HAOS is based on Linux but the Linux commands do not seem to be available.

Yes, it is based on Debian as far, as I know. Well, here my knowledge ends. Time for a expert to chime in :wink:

Thanks for helping!

Nevermind, I’ve turned of my server. HomeAssistant is not for me.

Just to be clear, HA is meant to be run ‘headless’ (as in without a screen). You then interact with it via a browser (or the app) on another device on the network. Only reason you’d ever interact with it directly is if you’re having issues.