Change Home Assistant IP From Terminal?

Hi all! I’m having a world of trouble trying to figure out how to change my Home Assistant IP address (ideally from the terminal). I changed my ipv4 addresses over to 10.0.0.* from 192.168.1.* (long story), but HA is still getting assigned to! I’ve tried reserving a 10.0.0.* address for it in my router with no luck. I can’t access the front end, but I can get to it from a terminal because it’s running in a virtual machine on a Linux server. Any help is greatly appreciated!

What sort of VM and what sort of installation inside the VM.

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I installed the VMDK on a Ubuntu VM. Running it on VirtualBox.

Not sure what you mean. Where does ubuntu fit in?

You need to install the VMDK on something, right? Here’s a screenshot from the tutorial I followed to set it up:

ssh in and use nmcli.

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That’s it! Thanks for the lead, my friend!

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