Change hue entity names

I am using a hue bridge which creates 3 default lights, light.hue_lamp_1, light.hue_lamp_2 and light.hue_lamp_3, though these can be customised with a friendly name it would be nice to be able use better names in the configuration, I’ve seen config files which have custom names for hue lights, but can’t figure out they changed the names. I did try changing the name in the interface, but it just removed it and put the old name back.

I think you want to change names in the HUE bridge.
HA gets these names.

You need to download Hue app (Android) or request API bridge to change names of your lights.

After under HA you will able to apply friendly name on your new lights name.

^ this

If you rename the lights in the Hue App, they will correspondingly change in HA after the next restart.

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Awesome, thanks guys. I figured it had to be easy, just couldn’t figure out where.

Hi, Sorry to revive an old thread, but I am having an issue where sometimes HA will rename and then delete some of the lights in my hue bridge.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


In case someone comes to this thread after version .63, this version of HA introduced the entity registry. Once your hue bulb is in the registry, it won’t change names if you change them in the Hue app. If you want to update a Hue’s entity after changing it’s name in the Hue app, either update entity_registry.yaml to change the entity_id’s or remove them and they’ll be re-added with updated entity_id’s.


Thank you for this reply. I knew about the entity registry add to .63 but didn’t realize that the discovered entity would “stick”. Been driving myself nuts over this after I changed a light name.

@Davo007 Can this be changed to the correct/accepted answer?

The original question was for an older version of HA, I’m still on 60 at the moment, so cannot confirm if the above is correct.

Meanwhile you can change the entity_id in the entity registry directly through the HA web interface. Use the “States” dev tool (icons at the bottom of the left side menu), find the hue entity, click the “more info” icon to the very left of it, then click the gear icon to edit the entity_id.