Change icon color on group of lamps

I have moved this topic from the configuration section.
Since I haven’t gotten any answer in any of the forums I tried I think this might be a feature request.

My living room lamp consists of three individual lights.
I have grouped them together for more convenient usage.

As it’s a group the icon don’t change color when it’s turned on.

Add the ability for groups to change icon color depending on the state of the entry inside that group.

— Original question—
My living room lamp consists of three lamps, when turned on the icon don’t change color.
Does anyone have a fix for this, cant find anything in the documentation.

Thanks in advance.


you got a solution?

You can use Custom UI add on. Install it then in your customize_glob.yaml you can add

 #icon: mdi:lightbulb
    icon_color: if (state === 'on') return '#fdd22f'; 

but yes it would be nice if this was built in. It’s kind of ridiculous i have to install addon to change some colors of a group.