Change Icon color or picture if user is "home"

Good Morning, I am very new, so I apologize if I ask a recent question, I did look but could not make sense of what I was seeing.

I have created a “Entities” card for my daughter’s room - Looks like this:

Currently, it just has a google home in it, and a picture of her:

I would like to somehow signify if she’s at home or work, So when her phone is detected in the home zone I’d like the picture to be in color, (or add an Icon to the bottom that is green) then when she at work have it either be greyed out (if its the picture) or an icon that just shows Yellow instead of green.
I have not found how to create a custom icon - So can anyone offer a true noob a little advice here?

I don’t know of a very obvious way, but I can think of two options. It would depend on how you’ve configured this. We don’t have those details. I’m assuming that entity is a person entity.

If so, you can modify a copy of the picture to be B&W. Give the two files descriptive names (e.g. including the state it is for — _home and _away). Then make an automation that’s triggered by presence and copy the matching picture to the filename that the person entity uses. The only issue here might be caching may not appear correctly until refreshed.

The other way is to use card-mod and in the UI code perform an overlay to make it B&W or something, but you might even be able to swap the images there too.

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