Change icons for on/off buttons

Is there any way to change the icons for on/off switches (the lightningbolts, not toggles).
I think there are nemed “paper-toggle-button-checked/unchecked” (according to when you change color in themes).
But I want to change the icons from lightningbolts to maybe a “I” and “O”.
Is this possible?

Yes it is possible, just add something like this into your ‘customise.yaml’
for each of your switches and just change the icon to whatever you can find at mdi
friendly_name: “Garage Light”
icon: mdi:spotlight-beam

But this just change the icon to the left (correct me if I am wrong).
I want to change the button icons to the right (that you use to turn the light on/off).

Ah right, not sure if that is possible I am afraid

OK, thanks anyway for answering! :slight_smile:

No one else know if this is possible…??
Any possibilities in Custom UI or Lovelace perhaps…??

Trying to bump my own question, since I still have not found any solution on my own.
Here is a picture of what I am after:
I want to change the lightningbolts (in row 2 in the picture) to be lightbulbs or any other icons (like in row 3 in the picture).