Change in a Sensor o create new sensor to change comma by dot as a separete decimals


I have a sensor regarding my gauge Liters, that shows quantity with Comma in separation, like 17,76 Liters

In this format doesn´t works to summ all the quantities that I consum , If I change manually to 17.76 in this case works.

How can I generate a new sensor taht have the format form this sensor but with a dot as a separate decimal?.

Thensk for your support. I m very lost in this problem, and I know it would be very simple.

What integration is creating that sensor?

Mqtt integration

Then you should be able to do a | replace(",",".") in a value_template

I´m trying this :

  • platform: template
    litros por dia:
    value_template: >
    {{ states(‘sensor.bxxxxxx_volume’) | replace (",",".") }}
    unit_of_measurement: ‘L’
    friendly_name: “litros agua riego”

But it´s nos working.

Please could you assist me?

Please format you code. Select it and use the </> button.
Please detail “not working”