Change Input on Yamaha Receiver with Alexa

Hi there,

I activated the Yamaha Receiver component to control my RX-481.
On/Off, Volume and Input works fine via the States Panel within Home Assistant.

After activating the Hue Emulation the Receiver is controlable via Alexa.
On/Off, Volume…in percent but ok…

But is there any chance to change the Input via Alexa?
I tried different Keywords but nothing works.

Maybe someone else has the same problem or can give me a hint.


You will need to define a script to change the put, then expose the script to Alexa. I have a script call stereo_hdmi_1, then have Alexa turn “Stereo HDMI 1” on.

Hi hass,

thanks for your reply!

Would you be so nice sand describe that a little more in detail?

Here is a snip of my script section to help:

    - service: media_player.select_source
        entity_id: media_player.stereo
        source: 'HDMI1'

Read through the Script section for more examples.

Hi hass,

thanks again.
Now it´s working in the Browser but not via Alexa.
Could you tell me how to expose the script to Alexa?
Is the a parameter within the Script or the configuration.yaml necessary?


Here is my scripts.yaml entry after creating it via the Browser Interface:

  alias: Yamaha Bluetooth
  - alias: Yamaha Bluetooth Alias
      entity_id: media_player.yamaha
      source: bluetooth
    service: media_player.select_source

It is working within the Stats Section but still not visible to Alexa or the emulated hue checking address (http://:8300/api/pi/lights) so I thing it is not connected to the emulated hue component.
Can someone explain to me how to get this working?