Change Insteon PLM device


When I initially set up my Insteon integration, I used the UI, not the configuration file. Now, I’m unable to change the USB device used by the integration. I’ve tried searching in the config directory and even added to my configuration.yaml hoping to override the UI.

Any pointers where to change the Insteon USB device?


The safe way is to delete the integration and reinstall.

The more risking way would be to edit the file core.config_entries in the hidden storage folder under config folder, then do an immediate reboot after the edit. I would be prepared with an exported snapshot in case it goes south and and you need to do rebuild-restore. I have not tried this with insteon, but have made similar edits

Just to close the loop on this… I was able to edit core.config_entries while Home Assistant was not running and things worked fine. Going forward, I’m planning to just create a symlink in /dev/ to avoid making this change again.