Change method type for Integration - Riemann sum integral helper

Hi all,
I created a Integration - Riemann sum integral helper and it is working fine. But is it somehow possible to edit the method (e.g. from right to left) after the sensor was set up? How can I do this?

If I press edit in the UI I can not change it:



Hi, give you the integral helper the right values back? My Helper works not fine from Wh to kWh

this seems to work fine for me…

I assume you mean from W to Wh?

I’ve noticed this too! I don’t currently have a need to change any, but everytime I set one up I keep picturing a day when I realize I set them all up with a setting wrong and I have to delete them all and start over rather than being able to edit them. Surely it’s possible though…?

No from Wh to kWh. I know, just divided by 1000

so there is no solution for this issue up to now? :frowning:

I have been successful in changing Right to Left by editing the text file: config/.storage/core.config_entries (and assumed I would have to re-start HA)

I have an integration helper that has been running for almost a week now. Only today I realized, that changing the calculation method from ‘left’ to ‘trapezoidal’ should increase the accuracy of the sensor.

Now I’m not sure what to do. Should I delete the old helper and create a new one with the same name? Will this save the history I have already collected for the integration sensor?

Edit: My statement in the first paragraph is not correct. After reading a bit more about the topic, I think the left method is better suited for things like power meters.

Deleting the helper in the UI and then re-creating it again with the same name seems to the best (only) way to change the settings of the helper.

It needs to have the same entity_id - probably that’s what you mean :grin: The history should be preserved.

The issue is that, when you set up a helper from the UI, you can’t choose the entity_id. There is only a field for choosing the name. Fortunately, choosing the same name in the UI led to the system creating the entity with the same entity_id. This way the history was preserved as far as I can tell after a few hours.