Change occupancy IKEA motion sensor

I’ve got the new IKEA motion sensor E1745.
With this motion sensor there isn’t a physical switch anymore to change the timeout in which the state of occupancy goes to false.
It’s now default to 3 minutes.
So I’m trying to edit this with Home Assistant.

The topic payload of the ikea motion sensor is:

zigbee2mqtt:info 7/29/2019, 9:56:30 PM MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/xxxxxx', payload '{"occupancy":true,"linkquality":39,"battery":87}'

In Node-red I’ve created a test flow with node-dashboard.

The function contains the following:

varEntity =;
msg.payload = { "entity_id":varEntity } = {"occupancy": false}
return msg;

I can see in my debug from the function, that the output is correct:

msg.payload : Object
entity_id: "xxxxxx"
data: object
occupancy: false

But the output of the “get current state” sensor is still:

msg.payload : string[2]

Could it be that it’s simply not possible to force change the occupancy state?

The current state node cannot do that. Is only for fetching the state. The api node can do that, similar to what you do with dev-state in the ha ui. But have in mind that only changes the state in ha, not in the device itself. You need to check if those occupancy sensors by ikea have a timeout you can set via zigbee2mqtt.

I have the exact same problem, did anyone manage to resolve this via a timeout you can set via zigbee2mqtt? Even better, is there a way to poll this sensor to force a recheck of occupancy via HA?

Same question here. 3 minutes is to long time.