Change of brightness of MQTT lamp

I have connected HA to the MQTT broker, from where I receive topics for light control. In my case:

    - unique_id: knx-11-1-0
      name: 'Light 11.00'  
      state_topic: '/devices/11.0/controls/11-0-0'
      command_topic: '/devices/11.0/controls/11-0-0/on'
      brightness_state_topic: '/devices/11.0/controls/11-1-0'
      brightness_command_topic: '/devices/11.0/controls/11-1-0/on'
      brightness_scale: 254
      payload_on: '1'
      payload_off: '0'
      retain: true

Unfortunately, the brightness does not change. When the brightness changes, the lamp blinks once. The peculiarity is that this command ‘/devices/11.0/controls/11-1-0/on’ works through the mqtt:publish service. How can it be fixed?