Change of HA IP Address

Do I have to pay attention to something if the IP address of HA changes (e.g. changing router)?

Just had done that, and yes, you do.

  1. Check you configuration.yaml for all self made entries using IP.

In my case the LimitlessLED config needed to readress the light controllers.

  1. Check you automations for the same.

In my case the actions for TTS anouncements use the IP of the player

  1. If u use MQTT, check your clients.

In my case all RPi’s using reporter daemon needed an config edit

  1. Of course there are more integrations, I did not mention, because I don’t use them :slight_smile:

So in general, anywhere, you are reffering to IP adresses, that needs to be edited.
If you forget something, it will remind you by refusing to work :wink:

I use only static IP’s for everything permanent in my network, only (some) phones, PC’s, random devices… use dhcp, because i’ve had problems too many times when using dhcp (back then when i was a total rookie about networking…). That way worrying about this won’t be a problem.

Well, that still may not get you there every time.

Like in my situation, the new router only operates in the range of 192.168.188.XXX but the old one was 192.168.178.XXX. So an adaptation was still needed :wink:

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Hm… but this could also be avoided by changing IP of new router to old segment… right?
Unless you have new needs and new segment is required…

Well, i did made a backup with the internal backup utility of the router and installed that backup on new router. Worked fine. As long, as I was using the same DSL internet connection.
Two hours later I entered the next step of migration. Switched from DSL to WAN GlasFiber. At that moment the router decided it self to change the range.
Then it became easier for me to just adapt HA to it, then go and play with the router settings.
Well, just to stay on theme of the topic starter, by all this I just had the chance to summarize, what has to be done, when the IP’s do change :wink:

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Yes maybe good idea and I just give the device manual the same IP.