Change RGB color when alarm is triggered

Want to change color (RGB) of my bulbs when alarm is triggered and make them return to previous color when alarm is disarmed. Ideal would be shifting colors when alarm is triggered (like red, blue, red, blue etc).

Anyone with similar setup that can share a flow?

I am interested too. Did you find one?

It was a while I tested it, but got it to work sort of. I can change the color but didn’t find any way for the bulb to return it’s previous state, after the alarm was diasarmed, ie in this setup the bulb has a preset color after the alarm is disarmed, let say warm white (but maybe the bulbs were cold white before the alarm was triggered). Nodered change color bulb -

Thanks, I got it working.

Put this into the call service node node to make the lamp red and 100%:

What I did is after the alarm ended I switched on each (alarm) lamp, put in a delay of 1 sec and changed the RGB to normal again. After that you can decide if you want to switch off the lamps or not.

works for me.

Use a current state node to get the rgb color and use it when you call service again to switch the lights back.

    "rgb_color": light_data.attributes.rgb_color