Change 'seconds between scans' (scan_interval) in config based on input.number

In regards to automations and vampire drain for the integration. Is it possible to change the scan interval with an automation? This would be useful, because we could set it to a minute if we need frequent polling or a large number to essentially turn it off.

What integration?
What are you trying to do?

You mean your Raspberry will have a higher power consumption because it polls more often?
IF… IF that is true, then the automation you create that checks the input number will also add to the consumption.

I was referring to vampire drain of the Tesla car battery. In the Tesla integration, there is an option for polling frequency. Is there a way to change that dynamically based on home assistant automation?

I don’t have a Tesla, but isn’t that a cloud based service where the integration takes the battery readings from?

I believe so

So then it makes no difference.
You would need to change the cars software to not send updates as often.

It does make a difference. The car is connected to the cloud. It will connect or disconnect by its own programming. However, the home assistant Tesla integration will ping the the cloud which forces the cloud to ping the car thus waking it and draining the cars battery. My question or suggestion was to if anyone knew if we could modify the Tesla integration to be able to change the frequency of polling with home assistant automations.

True. After installing this integration, my car loses battery like crazy.

There is no need to poll often when the last status was “sleeping” or no differences since last time.

Were you able to change the scan_interval or update_interval metric ?