Change sensor in a climate device

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I have a climate device that doesn’t have a temp/humid sensor, so the current_temp of the device gets set as the target_temp and the humid temp is 0. I have a Tuya sensor in the room where the air conditioner is reporting temp and humid data, how can I edit the climate device to change the data it’s reporting and get them from the Tuya sensor?


You can “build” your own HA thermostat from other bits and pieces:

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Thanks for your reply. I did just that, but this integration acts as a thermostat, wanting to actually control the air conditioner when it reaches temp within it’s set threshold, it doesn’t act as a remote controller for the air conditioner.

Its a switch controller so it can act as a remote…

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The prerequisite here is that you can control your AC via HA, ofc.
If it is a “dumb” AC with just IR control, you would first have to add some kind of IR blaster to HA and have it learn the ON/OFF code(s) from your AC.

A popular, cheap and HA compatible IR Blaster is the Bestcon RM4C mini.

It’s a Tuya IR Blaster, and it’s not supported at all by Home Assistant. There was a workaround with a script I found here in the community which controls the AC through Google Home by sending fake IR commands just to trigger an automation, but this chained cloud commands create extreme latency and lost packets, and repeated commands. So the other workaround I found is to use HomeBridge, which Tuya integration supports the IR Blaster fine, and then I exposed the air conditioner as a HomeKit device to Home Assistant, but its Current Temp is wrong, as the IR Blaster doesn’t have a temp sensor.

Assuming the homekit entity is togglable, I don’t see your issue…