Change sensor value without template


I recently installed some aircon from Haier works well with the hon integration. It generates lot of sensors and climates control.
My problem is the temperature sensors which on ac is located I side the unit therefore there a big difference between what is measured and real temp in the room.
In general to get let’s say 20 degrees in the room you need to set the ac 3-4 degrees above. Was told by an hvac specialist. And seems right when my ac ( by the way 3 indoor unit in the same room is my main floor around 90m2)This is I believe for every ac unless you have a wired controller with thermostat include in each room.

After some test indeed when the display on indoor unit show 23 I do have 20 in the house.

Of course I have look at some virtual thermostats but that won’t behave like it should. An ac is more complex than dust on/off. Depending on the temperature measured by the indoor unit it will send info to the outdoor unit to slowdown or faster the compressor. More the indoor temp get closer to the set point it reduce the frequency of the compressor. So kind of PID algorithm. But I can’t find that for ac system.

What I would like is to override the indoor temp sensor with a Zigbee temp sensor whiteout creating a new one. And the override value should be reflected on the indoor unit.

I know how to made offset with a template I did already for most of my aqara but in that case it is not what I need.

Perhaps I should contact the dev from the hon integration to add an option when it import the devices we are asked to chose a different indoor temperature sensor.

I’m open to any idea.

Thank you for reading sorry my English.

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I don’t think this is possible. A sensor is a sensor - it can only report its actual value. The template offset is the only option.

Thank you for the feedback. But that won’t work. So I will reach out the developer of hon perhaps he can add the option to select another sensor as indoor temperature than the one from the indoor unit.