Change Shelly 1 "State" reporting Phrase

I have a Shelly 1 relay set up to control my garage door. In HA, the state is reported as on (open) or off (closed). Is there a way for me to change the state output to display open or closed instead of on or off? I looked in the Shelly config files and sensor files but could not find where the state output phrase was set.

Hi. Did you find the answer for this?

Change how it’s displayed in the UI

Hi. What UI are you refering to? HA?, Shelly? and where exactly?

Home assistant. Click on settings and change show as.

Thanks for the quick responce. I found it. But what I actually need is to type in the values because what I need is not on the list.
E.g one state could be: “Trap set” and the other “Trap triggered” or if I wanted the states to be in another languages.

Then you’ll have to make a template sensor.

Ok. Thanks I will look into this