Change size of the Entity

Hello everyone, I just can’t manage to reduce the overall size of the door sensor test (closed) in width. When the door is open, the correct icon is displayed with the correct text Open. How can I make the width smaller so that I can display two entities next to each other? Or is this not possible with the custom-botton cards?
Many thanks for your help!!!
Best regrads Novell1

<sup>ttype: custom:button-card
show_entity_picture: true
size: 15%
  - value: 'off'
    icon: mdi:door
    color: green
      - width: 50px
      - height: 30px
  - value: 'on'
    icon: mdi:door-open
    color: red
      - width: 50px
      - height: 30px
  action: toggle
entity: binary_sensor.hm_sec_sco_oeq0567303_frei
show_state: false
show_label: true
label: |
    if (states['binary_sensor.hm_sec_sco_oeq0567303_frei'].state === "on")
      return "Offen";
    else if (states['binary_sensor.hm_sec_sco_oeq0567303_frei'].state === "off")
      return "Geschlossen";

![Testsensor Door - Dashboard Card to width|583x500](upload://95BUDGDvnJlDXY3SgNNZDouCH33.png)
![Script Testsensor Door - card to width|613x499](upload://x1NgTSdNY9ZPo824WuAJGi2BfuJ.png)

here the printscreen, The size of Door Sensor Test Closed (green) should be the same as the Door Sensor Test (yellow) card.

if you want the space to be filled with 2 equal cards, you should add a horizontal-stack or grid card there

Rahter not set a fixed width on cards, as that is not helpful when changing screen size.

how did you add the card with the correct width? or the 2 above that for that matter