Change status of Person component

Hello All
Is there currently a way to manually change the status of a user listed in the “Person” component?

There are other methods besides device_trackers that I want to use to alter the “home” and “away” status.

  • binary_sensor that pings the device when it connects to the network
  • input_boolean which i can trigger from tasker when my phone connects to my car.


You could change your ping binary_sensor to a ping device_tracker (or at least add a ping device_tracker), which could then be used with your person entity.

For the second item, you could use the device_tracker.see service instead of an input_boolean. That would create another device_tracker entity that can be used with your person entity.

a little more round about than i’d like but it’ll have to do. thank you very much.

FWIW, I wrote a Composite Tracker custom component/integration before the person component existed that I and many others have used. It works with device_trackers and binary_sensors. It doesn’t work with input_booleans, but it would be easy enough to create a template binary_sensor that reflects the value of the input_boolean and then use that. The Composite Tracker does pretty much what the person component does (and a little more. :slight_smile:)

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Actually, if you think you might like to use the composite tracker, it wouldn’t take much to add support for input_boolean’s as well. I’d just treat them like binary_sensor’s. Let me know if you would use that.