Change status text Philips Hue (detected)

Using my Philips Hue motion sensors their status is shown on the card as “Gedecteerd” in Dutch, I suppose something like “Detected” in English.

I would like to change this text but, after searching for a long time, I cannot find how to do this. Someone more experienced and willing to help me?

You could change the entity’s device class, or you could create a template sensor to fully customize what the on and off states of the motion sensor display in your frontend.

I’m afraid this will not work because the Hue service is an integration and not part of the configuration file.

Either option should work, it doesn’t matter if the entity is added in configuration.yaml or through the UI. The Hue integration creates three logical sensors (motion, light, temperature) for each physical motion sensor. You can change the device class of the entity representing the motion sensor in the UI or manually in YAML. See here.

Thanks, I’m glad I was wrong and I will do what you suggest.