Change Switch to Fan

I have a 4 button Zigbee switch in the bathroom which has 3 lights and 1 fan connected to it. The ZHA module has detected the light as light but what to define the 4th button as a fan.

I am sure I saw this in a video recently, but for the life of me, I can’t find it anywhere.

Any suggestions? (or did I dream it)

My end goal is when I “Call Service” with “Fan: Turn off” it will allow me to select that fan as an entity. It is currently missing from the list of entities that is coming up (all other fans are there).

Settings → Helpers → Switch as X → [Choose fan]

I turned some of my light switches into lights this way.

The light switch is in the domain of “light” I assume this can not be changed?

That’s pretty much what ‘Switch as X’ does AFAIK