Change tariff value

I want to update the tariff in my utility meter. I am not talking about a time based event or switching from one tariff to another, but just changing the tariff that is set. My electricity supplier (as I expect most do) update their tariffs from time to time. I get a notification of the new tariff and when it is due to cut-over and every unit of electricity I use gets priced at the new rate as from the time of the cutover.

I cannot even see the tariff that is set (to confirm what value is currently in play).

I cannot update the tariff in the GUI for the utility meter.

It would be nice to just have an input value that I can set and an OK button and it will update the tariff.
It would be even better if I could add a date/time and the new tariff and have a trigger happen at the allotted time to update the tariff (viz, 00:01 1-November-2023 set the tariff to be 27.54p)

I have searched endlessly but only find elegant solutions for switching tariffs for tariffs that have already been set up.

Thanks anyone for any help that can be provided.

The utility meter generates a sensor for tracking energy for each defined tariff*. You switch which “tariff” sensor is accumulating with an automation. The utility meter does not calculate costs.

To do that you create a template sensor that multiplies your utility meter energy by the price.

For your use case it would be best to store your energy price in an input_number that you can easily change manually or automate to change on a specific date.

* if you don’t define any tariffs it only creates one sensor.

Thanks Tom for trying to help with this. I actually found the place to set the current rate was in the Settings → Dashboards → Energy → and then the pencil mark next to the grid consumption item. I had originally set this up in the Utility Meter helper and had been looking there within the UI to make the change.