Change Temperature Intergas/Incomfort Heat-pump

Hi all,

First post, so hopefully good one and in the right place.

I’m rather new to HA and searching/developing knowledge by just doing and trying.

I have a Intergas Heatpump, so that is different then a normal heater(CV).
But it uses the same Intergas/Incomfort stuff, as it is the same company.
I got the integration working.
The only thing is, that the integration with climate doesn’t work ok. It says it’s heating, but its not as it is in standby.
See screenshot.

Also the communication is really slow and the interval in update.
So it is not working for me.

With some searching also got it connected to use the json file and get some extra attributes to give back data. Like when the heatpump is on, the “intergas_brander” goes from off to on. And some other stuff.

But now i would like to create a manual button( plus/minus in the furture) to put in the new temperature and override it.
Below a few screenshots, to show i already got the current states/temperatures readings and i cal fill in a temperature.

It’s in dutch.

  • First(Temperatuur woonkamer) is the temperature in the room. unique_id: intergas_tempratuur
  • Second (Ingesteld Temperatuur woonkamer) is the temperature set in the room. unique_id: intergas_standtempratuur
  • Third (Override Temperatuur woonkamer) is the temperature from over override. unique_id: intergas_settempratuur
  • Fourth (Thermostaat) is the manual value for putting a temprature in.

So i would imagine that if i could get the manual temperature to the “ room_set_ovr_1_lsb” & “room_set_ovr_1_msb” in data it would be ok.
But also there is another challenge, as i see that the output data is calculated to temprature in celcius as you can see in the yaml code below. *256)/100

The climate state is pushed by the integration from incomfort. No idear how it get’s the data.
I can find climate in state, but that’s it.

See the yaml code i have for output from the heatpump.

#Intergas Thermostaat
- platform: rest
  username: !secret intergas_user
  password: !secret intergas_pass
  name: Intergas
  value_template: "OK"
  scan_interval: 15
  unique_id: sensor.intergas
    - nodenr
    - ch_temp_lsb
    - ch_temp_msb
    - tap_temp_lsb
    - tap_temp_msb
    - ch_pressure_lsb
    - ch_pressure_msb
    - room_temp_1_lsb
    - room_temp_1_msb
    - room_temp_set_1_lsb
    - room_temp_set_1_msb
    - room_temp_2_lsb
    - room_temp_2_msb
    - room_temp_set_2_lsb
    - room_temp_set_2_msb
    - displ_code
    - IO
    - serial_year
    - serial_month
    - serial_line
    - serial_sn1
    - serial_sn2
    - serial_sn3
    - room_set_ovr_1_msb
    - room_set_ovr_1_lsb
    - room_set_ovr_2_msb
    - room_set_ovr_2_lsb
    - rf_message_rssi
    - rfstatus_cntr

- platform: template
      value_template: "{{(state_attr('sensor.intergas','tap_temp_lsb')+state_attr('sensor.intergas','tap_temp_msb')*256)/100}}"
      device_class: temperature
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      unique_id: intergas_tapwatertemp
      value_template: "{{(state_attr('sensor.intergas','ch_temp_lsb')+state_attr('sensor.intergas','ch_temp_msb')*256)/100}}"
      device_class: temperature
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      unique_id: intergas_cvwatertemp
      value_template: "{{(state_attr('sensor.intergas','ch_pressure_lsb')+state_attr('sensor.intergas','ch_pressure_msb')*256)/100}}"
      device_class: pressure
      unit_of_measurement: "bar"
      unique_id: intergas_waterdruk
      value_template: "{{state_attr('sensor.intergas','IO')}}"
      unique_id: intergas_cvstatus
      value_template: "{{'on' if (state_attr('sensor.intergas','IO')|bitwise_and(1)) else 'off'}}"
      unique_id: intergas_lockout
      value_template: "{{'on' if (state_attr('sensor.intergas','IO')|bitwise_and(2)) else 'off'}}"
      unique_id: intergas_pompen
      value_template: "{{'on' if (state_attr('sensor.intergas','IO')|bitwise_and(4)) else 'off'}}"
      unique_id: intergas_tappen
      value_template: "{{'on' if (state_attr('sensor.intergas','IO')|bitwise_and(8)) else 'off'}}"
      unique_id: intergas_brander
      value_template: "{{(state_attr('sensor.intergas','room_temp_1_lsb')+state_attr('sensor.intergas','room_temp_1_msb')*256)/100}}"
      device_class: temperature
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      unique_id: intergas_tempratuur
      value_template: "{{(state_attr('sensor.intergas','room_temp_set_1_lsb')+state_attr('sensor.intergas','room_temp_set_1_msb')*256)/100}}"
      device_class: temperature
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      unique_id: intergas_standtempratuur
      value_template: "{{(state_attr('sensor.intergas','room_set_ovr_1_lsb')+state_attr('sensor.intergas','room_set_ovr_1_msb')*256)/100}}"
      device_class: temperature
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      unique_id: intergas_settempratuur


  name: Thermostaat
  mode: box
  min: 15.0
  max: 25.0
  step: 0.1
  unit_of_measurement: "C"
  icon: mdi:thermometer

Hopefully you can help out, already got very far for my experience. But now i’m stuck and can’t get this fixed.

Small bump. Hopefully someone can help me out :relaxed:

Hi Michael, have you ever found a solution to change the temperature? I have also an Intergas heat pump with a “LAN2RF gateway” I have several sensors of the system, the same as you, with the REST api. But I want also to control the temperature with the climate card of home-assistant. I have search on all forums, but couldn’t find an solution of some directions. Also I want to see the kWh energy. But that is not a sensor neither, only in the Comfort app of Intergas you can see the kWh.