Change the color of the ha icon in notifications in ios app

I use a lot of notifications from HA to ios. Some informative, some important, some irrelevant :blush:. It is a lot of notifications and its hard to determine if it is urgent or not without reading the actual message.

Im wondering if there is a way to define the color of the icon in the notification settings in HA.

e.g. It would be so easy to see the color of the icons at a glance without reading the text - and then u know if it is urgent or not (eg alarm, broken water pipe etc etc)

I know there is an option to change the generel icon in the ios app, but thats not quite what im looking for :eyes:

Or maybe somebody have a suggestion to an other way of organising the notificaitons to address this problem
br peter

HA app / Settings / Companion App / General / App Icons


changing the icon from one type to another does not quite do it. Im looking for a way to dynamicly set the icon from Hass depending on level of urgency.


nah, don’t think that is possible.

But you can make a notification’critical’:

  - service: notify.mobile_app_ip12
      title: "doorcam"
      message: "motion!!"
          content-type: jpeg
          url: /local/tmp/doorcam.jpg
            name: default
            critical: 1
            volume: 1