Change the way sensors are displayed

In my old HASS installation (0.34), all sensors were automatically displayed at the top of my home tab on the web-interface. Since I upgraded to 0.59, this is not the case anymore. If I add a sensor to a group, it is displayed like any other device, occupying a full row.

Is there a way to activate the old style round sensors with small text below them?
Ideally, I would like to integrate the sensor value into the text of a switch - as you can see in the screenshot above, I’m using a switch to start or stop my LG HomBot (vacuum cleaner) and have sensors for battery and status. I’d love to only see the switch with a text label like “Staubsauger (100%, charging)”. Any suggestions how to achieve this?

If you remove the sensor from all groups, they should default to the “badge” display on the top row.

If you want to customize the state cards, you need the CustomUI component:

Thanks namadori, but the badges never appear here, even when removing the sensors from all groups. Will have a look at the Custom-UI stuff…

Ok, seems it is because I have defined my own default_view (the automatic one didn’t show groups, see this post). Is there a way to activate badges when doing that?

If you put the sensors under default_view separately and not in a group they will show up the top.