Change to multiple tariffs without losing energy dashboard history

I got myself a smart showerhead and figured I can use the Utility meter to split gass usage in heating, shower and other (provided it updates fast enough, we’ll see). I made the three split utility meters using the tariff feature.

I like to see the separate values in the energy dashboard. The real gas usage sensor hasn’t changed and will keep counting total usage. If I add the three separate utility meters to the energy dashboard, it will count gass usage twice. But if I remove the real gas meter sensor, I think I lose the ability to see the history in the dashboard. Am I right about that, and if so is there any way around this?


There used to be. You could have renamed your old total sensor entity_id and created a new template sensor (total - smart shower energy) with the same entity_id as the previous total sensor.

Unfortunately since the move to using entry_ids (not entity_ids) there are many reports of this no longer working. Which is ironic as this change was supposed to allow for easy replacement of devices.

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