Change to Senic Switch (via hue) switching options?

For some time I’ve been using Senic Switches in our HA setup to trigger scenes (using them to switch on / off input boolean which then triggers a node red sequence for things like cinema room start up etc). These were always integrated into our HA via Hue, as the switches were added to hue for light control and we rode on the back of that for scene control.

All was working well and it made these switches way more powerful than they would otherwise be.

I have however recently noticed that the option for the 2 button press in HA has vanished, all options are not just a single button press (be that short, long or release), this has removed a chunk of useability from our system. I can’t see anyway to get that back either.

We’re using ZHA as our zigbee controller so I’m wondering if there is a change there or if its more to do with how HUE are handling these ?. As far as a I can see all double button presses programmed into hue are still there.

anyone got any ideas ?

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Is this still an issue?